Excellent layouts with irregular shapes
First result in seconds, then refined over time
Available as a cloud service (SaaS) or as a library
Material optimization
Optimal quantity selection for available material sizes
Using a nesting layout to cut out metal parts.


Nesting is a process of creating a layout for shapes (metal, wood, textile) within the specified raw material sheets. Automatic nesting is a significant improvement over the manual process. Nesting time is orders of magnitude faster, leading to lower costs, and optimized layouts offer significant material savings.

Online Nesting

Try our cloud-based nesting service on the Online Nesting page. Upload your own parts, or use one of our examples. Simply hit start, and the first layouts will appear almost immediately.

A metal sheet after cutting out parts.

Automatic Nesting Library

The technology that powers Nesting Center is available as a standalone library that can be integrated with any customer applications. It is a powerful solution for small and large scale nesting, delivering excellent layouts for both single and multiple material sheets. One of its core features is automatic quantity selection for available material sizes, optimizing material usage and cost.