Excellent layouts with irregular shapes
The first result in seconds, then refined over time
Available as a web page, cloud service or API
Material optimization
Optimal quantity selection for the material sizes available

Nesting Center


Online nesting system specialized for material cutting technologies

We offer high quality nesting layout calculation services, supporting various cutting technologies, prototyping and templating, part spacing for different tool sizes, part rotation control, material management.


General purpose nesting. Parts with any shape placed on rectangular or custom material.

CNC cutting


Vertical and horizontal cuts throughout whole material.

Wood cutting.

Common line

Grouping similar parts into strips to optimize nesting for common line cutting.

Profile cutting.

Try out Nesting Center free and see how easy it is to create nesting layouts.


Nesting Center key features

Using a nesting layout to cut out metal parts.

Optimized for your industry


Designed and optimized for material cutting, dedicated to various industries.

  • Sheet metal
  • Textile
  • Wood panels
  • Cardboards
  • Composite panels
  • Stone and marble

Material management

Nesting Center supports material ordering process. Before manufacturing starts, material ordering takes place. Material providers usually offer sheets in standard range of sizes. Our system may be used to estimate how many and what sheet sizes will be necessary for production. It is just enough to provide parts to be nested and specify standard sizes offered by your material provider. Nesting process will calculate the best set of sheets required for your parts to optimize cost of an order. Material selection process can be integrated with your own material management system through Nesting Center API.

Go to the online nesting demo with your own parts.

Go to the online nesting demo with your own parts.

Application Programming Interface

Nesting Center provides an application programming interface (API) for easy integration between customer applications and Nesting Center services.
With the Nesting Center API you can:

  • Build exciting nesting applications
  • Create nesting layouts directly from existing software
  • Automate workflows and processes.
  • Optimize material cost.