What is part nesting?
Nesting is a process of laying out cutting patterns within specified material. Nesting Center applies Starsoft’s Automatic Nesting Library to deliver excellent results in terms of raw material usage.

What is
The website is an online nesting service. The website uses Automatic Nesting Library provided as a cloud service (SaaS).

Can we integrate Automatic Nesting Library with our CAD environment?
Yes. Automatic Nesting Library can be integrated with any CAD application as a cloud service (SaaS), a plugin or a standalone library.

Nesting process

How do I start nesting?
Simply navigate to the Online Nesting page, select one of the examples, and press the Start button. You should be able to see the first results almost immediately.

How do I optimize quantities for the material sizes available?
Our product can determine an optimal set of material sizes and quantities to be used with the parts provided. When specifying the material sizes, just set a large quantity (such as 100) against each size and the amount of material will be selected automatically.

How do I upload my own parts?
The shapes can be uploaded as DXF or DWG files. A single file may contain one or multiple parts. Our importer attempts to collect non-intersecting shapes from the collection of entities in the drawing. A shape may be constructed of a single entity (a polyline or a circle), or multiple entities – arcs, lines, polylines – as long as they form a closed loop. Geometry specified in blocks is supported. Loops wholly within other loops are interpreted as holes. See below for the examples of valid shapes.

Examples of valid shapes

When I upload my DXF file some of its contents are not converted into parts. What’s wrong?
The most likely explanation is that the shapes intersect or do not form closed loops. See below for the examples of invalid shapes.

Examples of invalid shapes