Annually Save up to 20% Monthly

Nesting Center
  • Up to 50 parts
  • No credit cards required
  • All features available
  • True shape nesting
Nesting Center
  • Monthly limit 100 layouts
  • Up to 1000 parts
  • 1 year subscription
  • True shape nesting
Nesting Center
  • Unlimited layouts
  • Unlimited parts
  • 1 year subscription
  • True shape nesting
Volume discounts

Volume discounts available for customers purchasing multiple licenses. Please contact us for a detailed offer.

DXF/DWG support

Define parts and raw material in DXF or DWG file using lines, arcs, ellipses, polylines or splines. Our system will detect the geometry and provide the best layout.

API available

Nesting Center is available through Application Programming Interface. Use it to integrate your own software and generate nesting layouts.

Material management

Automatically select optimal material sizes and quantities. Integrate Nesting Center with your material ordering system to support material management and reduce costs.