Privacy policy

1. We collect the names and contact information (e.g. e-mail addresses) of those who communicate with us. Personal data will only be used for contact purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties.

2. When you use the Services (as defined in the Terms of Use), they can store cookies on your computer. Cookies are little pieces of information that can help identify your browser and that can store additional information, e.g. application settings. Nesting Center uses cookies to track usage, to improve ease-of-use, and to enhance overall user experience.

3. The Services are typically used to solve nesting problems, which consist of a set of shapes to be nested, and a set of material sheets to nest into. Nesting problem data is stored in the web browser's local storage, and is transferred over the Internet in order to provide the Services. The data may be used for diagnostic purposes and to improve the quality of the Services.

4. DXF and DWG files provided by the user will never be disclosed to third parties. The files are used only as a source of part geometry.