Nesting Center API

Nesting Center for applications

NestingCenter provides an application programming interface (API) for easy integration between customer applications and Nesting Center services.

With the Nesting Center API you can:

  • Build exciting nesting applications.
  • Create nesting layouts directly from existing software.
  • Automate workflows and processes.
  • Optimize material cost.
Integrate with Nesting Center to create perfect nesting layouts directly from your software.

How the Nesting Center API works

The Nesting Center API is a cloud based web service. It provides easy to use and cost-effective services, which can be beneficial to every business.

The Nesting Center API architecture is based on REST API standard. A client application sends collections of parts and material to be nested and receives nesting layouts. Nesting data is specified in JSON format, which is a standard data interchange format. Customers may integrate existing software or create completely new dedicated applications. Because the Nesting Center API requires only HTTP communication, client applications can be written in any programming language like for example C#, C++, Java, Python.